Pixel perfect responsive websites means your customers experience the same website, regardless of their viewing device.

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Responsive Web design

Website Strategy and Responsive Webdesign

We build the perfect design for your business, and that content should be accessible everywhere. All of our websites are responsive - meaining they will change their layout and adapt to whatever device the website is being viewed on. Smartphone or desktop, your website still looks great.

High Quality Content Management

Our team works with our clients to provide meaningful content to their audiences. We can provide HD photography, professional written copy or engaging graphic design. Not sure what you need? We can recommend a number of digital strategies to get your website noticed.

Open Source Content Management

We employe a number of leading content management systems for website management. These systems allow for complete control of any website, for quick access, flexability and ease of use. We are pretty fond of WordPress for ease of use and quick development and OctoberCMS for our more development heavy websites. We also work with Drupal for websites that need enterprise level functionaly and extensive role mangement.

  • Social Media Management

    Get message heard, we use monitor and intergrate your social media networks into your website. Add Facebook Like buttons, Twitter feeds and share links.

  • Newsletter Integration

    Need to engage your users with email newsletters? Leverage your website to collect emails and reach even more readers.

  • Google Analytics Insights

    Track how your audience uses your site. Google Analytics allows us to find out who is using your site, why they are using and what they are doing once they get there.

Online Marketing and Analytics

  • Online Marketing Strategy

    Using search engine optimization, email campaigns, social media engagment and any digital channel, we get your website out there.

  • Results Driven Analytics

    Think Generic employs sophisticated analytics tools to measure how your website and campaigns are performing. We use this data to make informed desicsions about your website strategy.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Website Service and Maintenance

  • Constant improvement

    We believe that webdesign is not a one stop show. The web is constantly changing and so is your business. We continue to develop your website after launch, keeping you ahead of the curve.

  • It just works

    We build websites and solutions with the end user in mind. Your web solution should be powered by iterations and automated workflows that adapt to your users, and simply work. No almosts, not kindas - our sites just work.

  • Don't sweat the small stuff

    Maintaining a website and your digital presense is a lot of work. Think Generic offers monthly web maintaince plans to keep it simple for your business. We manage your hosting, security updates, and all the busy work.

  • Empowering our clients

    Our websites and solutions are easy to manage and access, but if you want to be more hands on, we offer training, tutorials and lessons. We are more than happy to help our client's learn what makes their websites tick.

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